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CoolSpots Cattery Links Page

Here are some links to breeders that I have
been working with or have been networking with.

HCM Research in Bengals

HCM Research in Bengals

Please help secure Bengals' Future by donating to TIBCS Charitable Funds: HCM Research / Heritage Conservation /Bengals in Distress / Legal Education

Signature banners available for $10 donation to The Lightning Fund !!

These breeders specialize in brown spotted and snow spotted:

Tatsu Bengals

Dave and Roxanne Blank of Tatsu Bengals



Everything for Kittens and Cats

For all of your kittens/cats needs please go to the link and shop. The password is 0554 and if you decide to call instead of order on line I would appreciate you giving them the password.  


Thanks so much and enjoy.
Donnette Piccininno

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